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Xi Gamma Gamma Chapter was established in 1986 when several Omega Graduate Brothers living in the Oceanside, California began to talk seriously about organizing a chapter in the Northern San Diego County. They decided it was time to act and organize a local graduate chapter in the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Ten brothers got together to make the final preparation and application to the Supreme Council of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. through the 12th District Representative, Brother Jewett Walker Jr. for the establishment of a Graduate Chapter Charter in Oceanside, California.   Those Brothers were:

Joseph Baker
Dennis Martinez
Eddie Bickham
William Mitchell
Charles Clendening
Ronald Smith
Shelton Fisher
Orsure Stokes
Kenneth Lee
Chris Weldon

The above Brothers decided on when they would meet, where they would meet, how long they would meet, and what the Officer structure would look like. These Brothers basically setup the framework for what is now called Xi Gamma Gamma Chapter. After verifying they met the criteria, the Brothers filed the required paperwork with the International Headquarters in Washington, D. C. XI GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER (#845) was officially charted by the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. on March 22, 1986. The Charter bears the signed and sealed initial signatures of the attesting Grand Officers of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

First Chapter Elected Officers:
Basileus: Bro.Dennis Martinez
Vice Basileus :Bro.Eddie Bickham (3/22/86 – 5/7/86
Bro. William Mitchell (5/8/86 – 12/31/86)
KRS: Bro. Charles Clendening
KF: Bro. Joseph Baker
Editor to the Oracle: Brother Shelton Fisher
Scholarship Chair: Brother Kenneth Lee (appointed)


1st Chapter Line- 22*March*1986

  1. Ronald Taylor-*(OMEGA CHAPTER)*

2nd Chapter Line –30*January*1987

  1. E. Charles Adams-*(Omega Chapter March 26, 2019)*RIP BROTHER

  2. L. David Christian

  3. Ray Washington

  4. Eric Wallace 

3rd Chapter Line –18*May*1989

  1. James A. Cothran

4th Chapter Line-14*May*1996

  1. Christian Ghee

  2. Michael Byrd

5th Chapter Line

  1. Lamont Meeks – 8*March*1997

  2. Shannon Holloway –  22*March*1997

6th Chapter Line -1*May*1999

  1. Antonio Waters 

  2. Percy Moore

7th Chapter Line – "3 M.I.N.U.T.E.S. TO OMEGA" – 22*April*2000

  1. Rayshaw L. Williams – Spastic Dog

  2. John Hall - MIA

  3. Kedrick Robinson – S.T.U.P.I.D. Dog

8th Chapter Line – "One Dog Night" -3*June*2000

  1. Errol L. Manor Jr. – Big Worm

9th Chapter Line – "One Lone Dog on his Own" -6*January*2001
    1.    Clarence Grisham-Thunder Claps

10th Chapter Line –"Earth Wind & Fire"-15*November*2002
    1.  Roderick Knight – Monotone
    2.  Michael Spence – Socrates
    3.  Lewis Weaver – Mr. Jigglesworth

11th Chapter Line – "8-IZ-Enough"-6*December*2003
    1.  Chauncellor Howell – Watergate
    2.  Anthony Scott – S-Man
    3.  Dwright Fowler-Davis – Do-Durty
    4.  Sean Hallman – Grimace
    5.  Tommy Ambrose – Rev. Do Right
    6.  Terrence Spriggs – Butter
    7.  Chad Boyles – I Try
    8.  Luke Jackson – Coffey

12th Chapter Line- "3-Sons of Perseverance" -24*March*2006

    1. Jermaine Carson - Coyote

    2. Elliot Threat - Sugar Hill

    3. Quincy White - Big Scrappy

13th Chapter Line—"Sole Surviving Sailor"-5*January*2007

     1. Greg S. Jones — Snowball

14th Chapter Line—"2 Up, 3 Down"-16*November*2007

     1. Terry D. Blutcher —Pick ‘Em

     2. Julian L. Walker — Jethro

15th Chapter Line—"One Lone Dog"-16 *June* 2012

     1. Carletus Patrick - Controversy

16th Chapter Line -"A Day Late & A Dollar Short"-2*November*2013

     1. Anthony Glenn - Ace-O-Spades

     2. Anthony Gantt - Deuces Wild  


17th Chapter Line-"1-P.O.C" -30*December*2014

      1. Lamar Dupree-BRQLYN BLAQ


18th Chapter Line- "3-Rocks & A Pearl"-20*November*2015

      1. Ashton Mackey – Drater

      2. Dwaine Collier Jr. – Hypo

      3. Louis Adamsel - Straight Edge

      4. Timothy Gibbs – Joker


19th Chapter-"4-U.A.D."-16*April*2016

      1. Clarence Thomas - Master Splinter

      2. William Hogan – Bubba-Que

      3. Darryl Taylor - Transcript

      4. Maurice Watkins – Que-Fused


20th Chapter Line-"3-S.O.B"-2*December*2016

      1. Devin Vaughn-SmoQey

      2. Alvin Kinney-BlaQ Qloud

      3. Carlos Forney - MaQswell


21st Chapter Line-"Two Flames of Perseverance"-2*December*2017

      1. Charles Jones-Showout

      2. Elijah Waddy-Owtlandish


22nd Chapter Line-"3 Sons of Sacrifice"-21*April* 2018

       1. Glendrevious Harris-Q-Diddy

       2. Antonio Riggins-Qmarion

       3. Hayward Gordon-JAWS

23rd Chapter Line-" SOOOUL SURVIVOR"-20 *April*2019

        1. William Morris-REM1XX